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Group Bookings From SimplyMeet.me

Amie Laura Parnaby
October 19, 2022
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group bookings from SimplyMeet.me

We have said all along that SimplyMeet.me is ideal for those who need to manage a lot of simple meetings. Usually, those meetings are between two people or business entities. However, how would it be if you could offer group bookings between several unrelated individuals and your business? Would that be a feature you could use?

For some of you, it was definitely necessary, so we implemented it.

The Group Bookings Feature is now available on SimplyMeet.me.

How to set up Group Bookings

Thankfully, setting up group bookings in SimplyMeet.me is a very simple process.

  • 2 – You can edit an existing meeting and adjust the existing information. You will specifically want to change the description so clients know this is a GROUP setting.
Edit or crete a meeting type for which you want to create a group booking
  • You may want to change the “Availability” of this meeting to ensure you don’t get hundreds of people booking group sessions all at their preferred times.
availability and limits for group bookings
  • and scroll down to “Limits”,
  • Enable “Group Bookings” and specify the number of people you wish to accommodate in each available slot. I’ve accommodated 20 for my example, “Group Role-play Interview For Customer Service Team”
Group bookings set up

NB A good tip to remember is that while it might be good for a client to bring or invite someone else to a 1-2-1 meeting, it is probably not ideal to keep that option open for your group bookings. You may find yourself overrun with everyone’s “plus ones”. Make sure you turn this option off when you enable group bookings.

Reason for inviting people to a group meeting:

  • Seminars & Training – you might have a speaker at a school or college, or maybe it’s a work seminar that people have to attend.
  • Group interviews – In many entry-level roles, there is often a group session with some of the candidates. In some cases, interviewers use this to observe candidates’ ability to deal with difficult clients.
  • Tests/Exams – Colleges, schools, and HR teams can benefit from group scheduling for entry exams, aptitude tests or even official online examinations
  • Business/ Client/Development Meeting – When there are many aspects to a project, you often have to include numerous people from different departments.

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