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SimplyMeet.me November Newsletter – Such an exciting time

Amie Laura Parnaby
November 4, 2022
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November Newsletter SimplyMeet.me

October has gone, and Halloween is done. That means we are on the last stretch to the New Year and all the festivities in between. We have a lot lined up for November (before we all get happy and jolly around the holidays), but what we want to talk about first is what happened in October.

You may have noticed, or maybe not, but we have been a lot more socially active in October. We decided to be more authentic and human and connect with you through the important development of the company, the product, and the team.

While we finished off September with an end-of-summer party and company-wide brainstorming session, we began October by opening a new door to the next chapter of the SimplyBook.me story.

Check out our Instagram posts saying goodbye to the old office and hello to our new beginnings.

While we have been here just over three weeks, we are still finding out what works for us and where everything and everyone should go (we just got a storage area for the bikes). It’s an exciting time because it signals a new start to the Simply Family journey and a whole host of new directions for us to explore.

New In October…

If you haven’t seen the new releases in October, then it’s time for us to educate you.

Change password for CalDav connection

Sometimes you need to change your email password, whether for security or you managed to lock yourself out (we’ve all done it). However, previously in the CalDav calendar integration, there was no option to change and save a new password. It was necessary to disconnect and reconnect with the new credentials to change the calendar integration details. This was not efficient.

Consequently, we have added an option to enter the new password for the connected CalDav calendars. Making it much more efficient on those occasions when you really do have to change your password.

Reverse calendar availability

In the usual calendar sync, you would allow people to book appointments within your allocated hours and when you have space in your default calendar. And that’s easy enough to set up in the meeting types on your SimplyMeet.me interface. However, some people have very variable routines that have them available for wildly different times daily. While it’s easy to set up a regular pattern on the meeting type availability, it is not that easy to set individual special days for every day you work.

The alternative is to reverse calendar availability. Instead of allowing clients to book meetings when you are free, which means you have to fill the extra space, you can block out specific periods in your calendar that are available for a specific meeting type. Only the blocked-out times can be booked.

So the user can generally set a time range (start and end time) for the day on the Simplymeet side and then manage the open slots with events in the external calendar.

Check out the setup instructions in the help centre and the article for more in-depth information. It might just be what you are looking for.

Sign up improvements

We have changed the sign-up page for all new registrations. You can sign up with your social media or Google credentials or an email and password.

We have changed those now to show the social sign-up options first, as many people find this more efficient and user-friendly.

SimplyMeet.me Sign up Page

You can also connect social login in the security section of the account settings.

Account settings improvements

If you don’t regularly access the account settings of your SimplyMeet.me interface, you might not have noticed that there is a new design to make accessing your settings more intuitive and user-friendly.

Account Settings in SimplyMeet.me

From this page in the account settings, it is easy to navigate between tabs for general information, design settings, security options, and custom settings.

Translations improvements

Our Translations are continually being updated within the SimplyMeet.me system to facilitate access and simplicity for our many multilingual business users.

As you might imagine, this is an ongoing process. However, we have now ensured that English is displayed as the default when a specific translation is unavailable within the system rather than leaving the marker blank or inaccurate.

Somewhere in between…

Admin app

The long-awaited mobile admin app for SimplyMeet.me is now available for download from both the App Store and Google Play. It’s available now, and you can manage your meetings, look up your calendar, and monitor new meetings from your preferred mobile device. However, some outstanding features still have not yet been tested.

So what are we to do?

You can download the mobile admin app now and see how it performs for you and how much help it can be while managing meetings on the go.

However, very shortly, there will be an update for the features that have yet to be completed and pass the rigorous testing required.

To give you a sneak peek of what’s on the cards this month for the mobile admin app, you will be looking forward to easy access to your client list and some excellent contact options for those clients, among other easy-access tools for your business.

We can’t go giving everything away all at once. 😉

Coming up in November and Beyond

So you know we have some upcoming developments for the recently released mobile admin app, but what else do we have on the cards?

Upgrade subscriptions

We understand your business and the people there will change. You might have a sudden departure or have to lay people off, or you might go through a mass hiring cycle for a new contract. That means you need more control of the seats required within SimplyMeet.me.

So coming soon, you will have more control over your subscriptions and the number of accounts your business requires. You can upscale or downgrade your account requirements, and your recurring profile subscription will alter accordingly.

Automated Follow-up Notifications

Sometimes we forget that a confirmed booking isn’t the end of the road for our contact with clients. Automated follow-ups are crucial to making someone an advocate or a repeat client.

That’s why we will soon have automated follow-up notifications in SimplyMeet.me. These could be reminders to book again if you are in the business of recurring meetings. Alternatively, it could be a review or feedback request to gain testimonials and positive ratings.

Did you miss it?

Did you see the article on Group Bookings for SimplyMeet.me users? You could increase revenues and efficiency for your business by grouping some individual meetings into group sessions.

Moreover, you might not have seen some of the social media and articles that we have published under the SimplyBook.me blog. We are the same company, after all.

You might not have seen the article on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We were a little late to the party because we were so distracted by moving offices, but something always gets in the way.

October 20th was #Get to know your customers day, which is a perfect time to review the intake questions you ask when people book their appointments. Are you asking the right questions?

And then, obviously, we had the most fun with Halloween. Communal pumpkin carving, spookifying the office and having a quick dress-up with some handy costumes.

Please keep in touch with what’s going on over the next few months.

November is Movember, and it’s all month. So support your men friends sporting ugly moustaches – “It’s all for charity, dahling.”

Let’s be honest, 30-days is a long commitment to have unwanted hair sprouting from your face. My husband gets on his own nerves after five days – at 30, I think he would go insane—Bravo, Spyros, for enduring it for charity. We will post pictures of our dear Spyros “Pumpkinhead” when he finishes his thirty days (I know I’m intrigued).

Take care, and come back to see what November brings. In the meantime, make sure you keep up with our social media. We are on the most popular ones:

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok

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