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What’s New at SimplyMeet.me – April Updates!

Daena Skinner
May 10, 2024
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As we step into the vibrant month of April, we’re delighted to share with you the latest enhancements and features now available on SimplyMeet.me. Our commitment to improving your scheduling experience continues, with updates designed to streamline processes and provide more intuitive user interfaces. Here’s what we rolled out in April:

Enhanced Calendar Integration Page

Redesigned Calendar Connections Page: We’ve completely revamped the calendar connection page. The new design is not only more visually appealing but also more intuitive and easier to navigate, ensuring you can manage your calendar connections effortlessly.

Improved Poll Meeting Flexibility

No More Date Limits in Poll Meetings: We’ve listened to your feedback and removed the limitation on the number of dates you can select for a poll meeting. Now, you can include as many date options as needed, making it easier to find the best time for everyone involved.

Streamlined Client Information Handling

Auto-filled Client Info in Poll Meetings: To simplify the process of scheduling meetings, the ‘Client info’ section on the poll meeting form will now be auto-filled with the host’s details by default. This information will later be visible in “My Meetings,” saving you time and reducing the need for manual entry.

Coming Up: Features to Look Forward to in May 2024

As always, we’re constantly looking ahead to bring you more enhancements that make SimplyMeet.me even better. Here’s a preview of what’s coming in May:

New Widgets for Android Devices

Meetings Widgets: Android users can look forward to a new widget option that displays the number of meetings per day or week directly from your home screen. 

Enhanced Organization Management

Organization Page and Settings Management: We’re adding an organization overview page, along with the ability to invite users and manage organization settings directly from the admin app. These additions will make it easier to oversee and adjust your organizational setup.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Guided Onboarding Steps: To ensure a smooth start with SimplyMeet.me, we will introduce several post-registration setup steps. These guided settings will help new users quickly familiarize themselves with the basic functionalities of SimplyMeet.me, enhancing their initial experience.

Your Feedback Matters

We’re excited about these updates and believe they will significantly improve your experience with SimplyMeet.me. As always, we value your feedback as it helps us continue to refine and enhance our platform. Please let us know your thoughts on these changes and any other suggestions you have.

Thank you for choosing SimplyMeet.me, and happy scheduling!

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