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SimplyMeet.me: Calendar Integration Simplified

Daena Skinner
December 27, 2023
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Navigating a hectic schedule should be straightforward. That’s where SimplyMeet.me steps in, offering streamlined calendar integrations that mesh with your digital life. Let’s break down how SimplyMeet.me simplifies staying on top of your appointments across various calendar platforms.

Multiple Calendars, One Interface

With SimplyMeet.me, you can seamlessly connect multiple calendars from Google, Office365, and FastMail in a single action. Your availability and new meetings are synchronised across all connected platforms, presenting a cohesive schedule on your SimplyMeet.me page. New appointments are automatically channeled into your primary calendar, like Office 365, for centralised management. This integration simplifies your scheduling process, allowing you to manage diverse commitments through one centralised interface without the need to switch between different calendar services​​​​.

Google Calendar: A Click Away

Connect SimplyMeet.me with Google Calendar for effortless scheduling harmony. Appointments made on SimplyMeet.me populate in real-time on your Google Calendar, guaranteeing your availability is always accurately reflected. This two-way synchronisation ensures immediate sharing of updates and new appointments. This ensures your schedule stays aligned and accessible across all your devices. Your calendar updates with you, keeping pace wherever you are.

iCloud: Sync Across All Apple Devices

Apple users can celebrate the seamless integration of SimplyMeet.me with iCloud. When you schedule or update an appointment in SimplyMeet.me, it reflects across your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone calendars in perfect unison. You can manage your bookings confidently from any Apple device, knowing your schedule is current. Stay updated at your desk or on the go with seamless schedule syncing. The convenience of this integration keeps you organised and ensures that your time management is as intuitive as the Apple ecosystem itself.

Outlook and Office 365: For the Microsoft Lovers

By linking SimplyMeet.me with your Outlook or Office 365 calendar, you activate a powerful alignment of your schedule. Sync meetings and tasks within Microsoft’s suite, enhancing daily management with SimplyMeet.me’s reliable integration. It’s a synchronisation that brings together the best of both worlds, providing a robust platform for managing your professional life with precision and ease. This integration immediately updates your Outlook calendar with each SimplyMeet.me entry, capturing all commitments in a familiar system.

CalDAV: The Universal Language

For those preferring specialised or third-party calendars, CalDAV support by SimplyMeet.me offers a universal language for synchronisation. With this integration, you can connect to an extensive range of calendar applications, ensuring no matter the tool, your schedule is always up-to-date. Enjoy the flexibility of a platform that speaks to a wide array of scheduling tools and adapts to your unique organisational needs.

The Benefits of Simplified Calendar Integration

  • One-and-Done Setup: Integrate once, and let SimplyMeet.me do the rest. Your calendars stay in sync without further fuss.
  • Zero Double-Bookings: With real-time updates, the risk of overlapping appointments disappears.
  • Mobile Management: Change plans on-the-go? Your integrated calendars reflect updates across all devices instantly.
  • Unified Scheduling: View your complete schedule at a glance, no matter which calendar you check.


Calendar integration should be intuitive and effortless, a principle SimplyMeet.me upholds with its user-friendly design. This platform eliminates the complexity often associated with managing multiple scheduling tools, offering a streamlined approach to calendar synchronisation.

Embrace a system where unified scheduling is a given, and the intricacies of managing multiple appointments across various platforms are handled deftly by SimplyMeet.me. With the finer details taken care of, you’re free to concentrate on the broader strokes of your business or personal life.

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