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SimplyMeet.me’s Latest Feature: Poll Meetings for Smarter Scheduling

Daena Skinner
December 6, 2023
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Poll meetings at SimplyMeet.me

Are you tired of the back-and-forth emails trying to find a suitable meeting time for everyone? SimplyMeet.me is excited to introduce our latest feature: Poll Meetings, a revolutionary way to streamline scheduling!

What Are Poll Meetings?

Poll Meetings allow you to create and conduct polls to find the best time for a meeting. This feature lets users create polls from existing personal meeting types, offering flexible durations and a selection of preferred time slots across various dates. You can also customise the poll, allowing participants to see each other’s names and votes during the selection process​​.

How to Use Poll Meetings:

1. Create a Poll:

Go to the “Meetings” tab, select “Poll Meetings”, and click “Create New Poll.” Choose an existing personal meeting type. If the meeting type has a flexible duration, select from pre-set values.

You can also enable “vote visibility” on the booking page to allow invitees to see each other’s emails and votes​​.

choose meeting type

2. Select Time Slots:

Choose preferable time slots the invitees can choose from, across different dates​​.

select times and dates

Share the generated link with invitees by clicking the Copy link. To preview the poll link, click the View live page​​.

share the link
what invitees see to vote
Above is what the invitee’s will see for voting in the Poll.

4. View Poll Results and Confirm Time:

View the list of current polls “in progress” in the Poll meetings tab. Check the poll results, including the votes each time slot received. Confirm the preferable time by clicking “Book meeting time”​​.

Confirm time

5. Finalise the Meeting:

In the Create event booking form, fill in Client and Participants info and click Save. The system sends a default meeting confirmation notification to every participant.

You can find all confirmed meetings in Meetings -> My meetings or in Calendar -> Internal calendar​​.

book the meeting

Poll Meetings in the Admin App

  • Create Poll Meetings: Admins can quickly create poll meetings within the app, streamlining scheduling.
  • Effortless Voting: Easily vote on your preferred time slots directly in the app.
  • Push Notifications: Receive push notifications when participants vote in the poll, keeping you informed in real-time.
  • Manage Cancellation Policy: Admins can now conveniently manage the cancellation policy right from the app, ensuring smooth scheduling.

Key Features:

  • Custom questions based on the selected meeting type are displayed during meeting booking.
  • The time zone applies according to the selected meeting type’s time zone setting.
  • Clients cannot change the timezone for a poll they were invited to.
  • It is not possible to reuse the same link for a fresh new poll​​.


Poll Meetings by SimplyMeet.me is a game-changer for scheduling meetings. This feature eliminates the hassle of finding a suitable time for everyone, making your scheduling process as efficient and stress-free as possible. Try it out and experience the convenience of this innovative feature today!

For further info on this feature, check out our help Centre guide, or contact our live customer support chat!

use poll meetings
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