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SimplyMeet.me Newsletter for April – New Releases for Spring

Amie Laura Parnaby
April 7, 2023
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April newsletter - new releases from SimplyMeet.me

Welcome to our April newsletter, where we’ll catch you up on our new releases for SimplyMeet.me in March and give you a sneak peek of what’s coming up in April. We hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the start of the new season!

New Releases from March?

It looks like our developers have been working super hard on new releases this month (thank you, Mykola). We are proud to announce that we have successfully implemented several new releases that will help you and your business.

SMTP Email Enhancements at Organisational Level

You asked for SMTP integrations to allow you to send automated messages from your business email addresses, and we did it. However, we didn’t consider how that might work on an organisational level. Sure, emails can come directly from one team member, but what if they leave (or worse)? What if an email account gets deleted?

Two of our new releases are email features to ensure nothing is overlooked or lost:

  • SMTP for Organisation –
    • This option ensures that the sending email address represents the whole organisation (or at least a whole department), so there is always cohesion in business communications.
  • Organisation email in notifications footer 
    • While clients may prefer to deal with the same person, sometimes, they need to contact someone when that person isn’t available. Everyone is allowed to take a holiday.
    • This organisation address will display in the clients’ email notifications footer.

Directing Users to Pending Payments

SBPay.me is progressing too. For paid bookings in SimplyMeet.me, there is a link to SBPay to approve the payment or see transaction details. You can check the status of pending payments to ensure you receive what you expect.

Feature and System Enhancements

There have been some much-needed updates to the system that will make things that little bit easier to manage.

  • Sharing available timeslots from the admin side, copying and pasting multiple timeslots to an email and sending them to clients,
  • Timezones improvements, particularly useful to those who operate over multiple timezones,
  • Meeting types display on the admin side,
  • The appearance of the menu tabs made them more visible because sometimes it was a bit hard to differentiate them.

Consent for Adding New Organisation Members

A new release for security and access concerns. We have implemented an additional checkbox during the process of adding new members to the organisation. This informs the organisation owner of the assigned access level rights. As this happens before you assign the role to the new user, you don’t create roles that give the wrong access level to new users.

Prepopulate Participants emails

Allow prepopulating additional participants’ email addresses in the direct meeting links. Before, we would only prepopulate the client’s name, email and phone. However, for the sake of simplicity, we will now prepopulate invited participants’ details to recurring bookings.

SimplyMeet.me App

There have been some new releases on the SimplyMeet.me app that will make it your go-to place for managing your meeting schedules.

  • Sharing timeslots, now you can even select free time slots from your mobile admin app and share them with clients.
  • Agenda view, so users will see their daily calendar and its meetings by default
  • Meeting from a meeting – means creating a new meeting with a predefined name, email, phone number and participants. So you can quickly create a meeting from existing meeting details.

Company address in notifications

We have added your company address to the notifications footer for emails to your clients. Before, it was the SimplyMeet.me address everywhere – that’s no use to your clients.

Email verification on removal from organisation

If you remove a member from the organisation and they then try to log in, the system will prompt them to verify their email address. This will ensure you maintain security by restricting unauthorised access.

There are always mistakes; if this happens by accident, the user can get their account re-linked to the organisation.

White-label single-use links

We know some of you are using the API to generate links to meeting types. However, these single-use links were previously not white-labelled and still displayed the SimplyMeet.me branding.

So, now we have enabled the white-labelling of the single-use API-generated links to gel with the overall white-labelled nature of a pro-level subscription. It’s all yours.

Differentiate the calendar sync between meeting types

This is a last-minute new release (just a couple of days ago) for this newsletter. You can now use different linked calendars for different meeting types.

Until now, we have used a single calendar to check for meeting conflicts across all meeting types. For some of you, this wasn’t working.

We have now added the option to choose which calendar(s) the system checks for conflicts per meeting type.

Upcoming New Releases For April

So, what’s on the cards for April? We have a whole bunch of new releases planned that we think you’ll be excited about. We can’t reveal too much just yet, but we always strive to make your experience with our products and services the best possible!

Meeting duration display

We will be updating the Meeting Duration display for the client-side booking page for meetings with flexible and fixed duration types. This will make it easier to see meeting durations in your calendar. It will also allow you to see which ones are of flexible duration, rather than just the duration of that specific meeting.

Custom questions

We know how important it is to ask the right questions before your meetings. However, there’s no point asking the right questions if you can’t get the correct answers in the proper format. Right now, you can only receive answers that conform to a text response (single-line or multi-line box) or a checkbox.

We plan to add more intake form types so you can receive the right responses and make them easier to collate. It will probably include a drop-down list and date or other numeric formats, to say the least.

Share your thoughts on our recent updates and future plans in the comments below.

We’ll see you later, guys! But, since there is so much in the works, look for new release articles and in-depth tooltips in our blog.

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