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How to Send Emails from your Business Email Address with SimplyMeet.me

Amie Laura Parnaby
January 25, 2023
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How to send Emails from your business Email address with SimplyMeet.me

Professionalism is the name of the game! You know as well as anyone that sending messages from a generic email address does not scream professional business. Sure, you have a “no-reply@simplymeet.me” address, but that’s no good if your clients don’t recognise SimplyMeet.me from your booking page, have a recognisable domain that your clients can identify and safelist on their email accounts.¬†This is where linking your business email address with your automated booking system by SMTP will save you time

The functionality of SimplyMeet.me allows you to send automated emails to your clients, but that won’t get you anywhere if clients don’t get or recognise who is sending them. 

So now you know why you need a professional email address for your automated messaging, but you need to know how to do it.

Which business email should you use?

Before you set up the email address, you want your mail automation to come from; you will need to decide whether to have a single or multiple addresses. For ease of keeping your inbox clear of clutter, you are better off creating a “no-reply” business email address for your automated messaging.

Having no-reply at the beginning of your email tells clients not to reply directly to your email. It also keeps your business email free from unnecessary responses to automated emails. However, ensure that you make your business email address available if clients genuinely need to send you a message.

Send Automated Emails from your Business Email Address

Before we go on, you need to know that linking your business email address to your automated messaging requires a pro subscription to SimplyMeet.me. While we have made the free plan very inclusive, we can’t give everything away for free. 

From your SimplyMeet.me desktop, you will see the integrations option on the left-hand menu when you log in. Select the integrations and scroll down to find the SMTP option. 

Enable the feature – assuming you already have a pro account. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade before enabling this feature. Below, you will find the details section where you will complete the connection information between your accounts.

Save these details, and away you go! Okay, you might want to send some test messages to ensure you get the automated messages from the correct business email. Otherwise, it’s a straightforward process.

Where to Find your SMTP Data

Not everyone knows how the find the SMTP data for their email prover or address. Not everyone loves tech as much as we do. So below are a few resources to help you find the details requested above without tearing your hair out.

For Google email accounts (that includes pro-G-suite), you can find details on how to find your SMTP data here. You should be looking at Option 2.

If you are looking for Microsoft Outlook emails, they give you a really helpful table format of SMTP data. FastMail has pretty comprehensive integration keys for your email.

Zoho offers quite a lot of SMTP email transfer data here.

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