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February Newsletter – New Year, New Objectives

Amie Laura Parnaby
February 6, 2023
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February Newsletter - New Year, New Objectives"

It seem only two minutes ago we were still in the aftermath of Christmas and New Year. Yet here we are, already into February 2023. Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? It also flies when you have a lot to work on, and get into production. And did we ever get our “develop” on with new features and functions for SimplyMeet.me

We might have skipped the January Newsletter to account for the slow period over Christmas, but we sure made the most of the last month. February is the month of new tools to make your meeting scheduler better, and more helpful.

What’s New Since 2022?

Oh so many things have come to fruition over the past month, and you pretty much want them all! Or maybe not all of them, but most will be useful to everyone.

Read only calendars

It is now possible to have read-only calendars connected in Calendar integrations. The system will scan them for availability and blocked times but will not add bookings to them (bookings are only added to full access calendars). This will be particularly useful to those using the Reverse Calendar Sync because adding appointments to the reverse calendar will just make then availablefor booking again.

Sunday is the first day of the week

While many people agree that Monday is the first day of the week, others work on the principle that Sunday is the first day. We have now added a the option for you to set the beginning f the week as either Sunday or Monday according to your region and preferences.

Cancellation policy

Cancelled bookings can cause lost revenue and wasted time, and everyone knows that time is money. For paid meetings and consultations, it is important to reduce the incidence of cancellations and missed appointments. By having a cancellation policy available for your clients you can ensure that any loss of revenue may be mitigated, or at least reduced.

The introduction of the cancellation policy means that you can create a legally valid document for your clients. You can also create different policies for organisational and account levels

Calendars connection in round-robin meetings

To fix a problem in the round-robin meeting types we have now implemented specificcaledar linking for round-robin appointments.

Before, we had calendar accounts connected to round-robin meetings, that is the default calendar for each account. However, this sometimes caused double-booking when appointment times were saved to different attached calendars. Now, you can add specific calendars to the round-robin meeting scheduler, so there will be no overlaps.

Coming Up in February and March

We have managed to get so much done in January. We’ll say a great big thank you to Mykola for that. Yet we still have more to come.

Directing users to pending payment

When you need to request payment from your clients, you might need to receive payment confirmation before confirming a meeting. By adding direct links from the meeting to SBPay.me you will be able to approve pending payments faster and more efficiently. Adding direct links to pending payments could also work for meeting follow-ups and contract confirmation. You need to have the meeting first to determine cost and scope of the work…

SMTP settings improvement

We understand. It’s not easy to find all the specific information that the SMTP feature requests. And we are attempting to make the process of connecting your business email as the sender of your notification much easier.

In future we hope we can make this feature far more user-friendly and speed up your set up process.

That’s All for February!

But don’t forget to come back and check out the updates, tutorials and news from SimplyMeet.me, through the blog and on social media. We’d love to find out what you would find useful to find on this blog, let us knowing the comments what you would like to see more of.

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