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SimplyMeet.me Latest Feature Updates

November 9, 2023
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November Newsletter

At SimplyMeet.me, our commitment to enhancing your scheduling experience never stops. We believe in the power of efficiency, and with each update, we aim to make organising your meetings not just seamless, but also a delight. This month, we’re excited to introduce a series of improvements and fresh features that promise to streamline your workflow and enrich your interactions. Whether you’re coordinating with clients or setting up team sessions, these updates are designed to elevate your productivity.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s new:

Enhanced Management for Collective Meetings

Our collective meeting type now boasts direct management capabilities within the SimplyMeet.me admin app. Create, edit, and book multi-member meetings on the fly, making team coordination effortless wherever you are. Additionally, you’ll find that synchronising schedules across different time zones has become smoother, ensuring global team alignment is just a few clicks away.

Upgraded Internal Calendar

The internal default calendar is now more robust, with the ability to add notes, cancel meetings, and invite participants, streamlining your scheduling process from start to finish. This upgraded calendar also introduces color-coded personalisation, allowing you to visually categorise types of appointments for quick reference. Plus, recurring meeting setup has been simplified, making it easier to manage regular sessions without the hassle of multiple entries.

Time Zone Intelligence and Duration Display

Time zones and meeting durations are clearer than ever. Emails now include time zone information, and clients can see the duration and end time during the booking process, removing any guesswork from the scheduling experience. This intelligent feature ensures that everyone is on the same page, significantly reducing the likelihood of scheduling conflicts or misunderstandings due to time zone discrepancies.

“No Show” Status Integration

Track attendance accurately with the new “No Show” status. When meeting has passed, it can be set as a No-Show in the case client did not show up. Gain insights into client engagement by filtering specific no-show instances for analysis and reporting.

Simplified Round-Robin Rescheduling

Unexpected changes, a staff member got sick or can not make it to the meeting? No problem. Easily reassign a different team member for round-robin bookings without the hassle of canceling, ensuring smooth meeting continuance. Earlier our users could not easily re-allocate a meeting to a different staff member, these days are now gone.

Unique Codes for Bookings

Unique booking codes make finding and managing meetings a breeze, enhancing organisation and integration with external software like Zapier. This is especially beneficial for our more advanced users that are integrating between different solutions. A small addition, but very useful for some users.

Tagging for Personal Meeting Types

Extend your organisational capabilities by tagging personal meeting types, allowing for a more refined client booking experience on your page. This is very beneficial for clients to easily find relevant staff mambers. This option will also soon be added to the widget, so different widgets can display different staff members on different pages of your website. Great for companies with many staff members that may perform different services, think sales vs consulting, or any other grouping that may suit your special business.

Customisable Date and Time Formats

International user? We’ve got you covered with customisable time and date formats to match your local standards, available right in your settings. Select DD.MM.YYYY if you are based in Europe, or MM.DD.YYYY if you are based in the USA, but besides these 2 formats, there is a multitude of others to select from, choose the one that suits your business best! Remark: DD=day of month, MM=month, YYYY=year in format of 2023, YY=year in format of 23.

Final Words

Our dedication to delivering a scheduling platform that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations is unwavering. These latest updates are just the beginning; we are continuously exploring new ways to refine and advance our service. Keep an eye out for further updates and improvements that will make your scheduling experience even more intuitive and efficient. Thank you for choosing SimplyMeet.me—here’s to many more seamless scheduling moments ahead!

SimplyMeet.me Team

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