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March Newsletter: Updates For SimplyMeet.me Users

Amie Laura Parnaby
April 4, 2022
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And for the March newsletter, spring is officially arriving for us here in Cyprus. The sun is shining, and we’re getting ready for an exciting new chapter in our company story.
The headcount has grown in the Cyprus office, with migrating and new staff, and our other teams are increasing too. Shout out to the new UI/UX Designer, Alex! Our ever-dedicated Alex has moved from account manager to product manager, and laterally shifting Alexis will continue to support our French speakers and will also create French-language content. We also have Yurii who has joined our support team – no, not another Alex.

New in March

Have a look to see new features and feature updates and fixes have come into effect throughout March.

Widgets for Specific Meeting Types

You want to send a meeting link or a link to your booking page. However, you only wish to allow clients access to particular meeting types.
Our users can now limit client access to other meeting types by altering the widget code. This option lets users hide the “back to meeting types” link on the widget.

Zoom Integration Improvements

Everyone knows that Zoom and other video meeting types have enabled communication and business development worldwide, but it’s not much use if you can’t get your timezones right.

Now we have added a timezone parameter to the Zoom integration with SimplyMeet.me, allowing users and clients to make sure they are scheduling Zoom calls at appropriate times.


You reported some buggy behaviour from some SimplyMeet features, which have now been fixed.
Fixes for meeting links, meeting links with predefined dates, rescheduling, default calendar selection for sync, dates display, and the meeting type description editor have all been implemented in March.

Delete Account Option for Compliance

Until recently, we have merely blocked all deactivated, cancelled and inactive accounts. However, to comply with GDPR requirements, we have had to make some changes.

While it will still be possible to merely block an inactive account and maintain the data while a business is on hiatus, we can also delete an account entirely with all the associated information.

Coming up in April

Keep in touch to see what’s coming up throughout April and shortly after.

“Pay later” option for subscription purchase

In a similar solution to that available to our SimplyBook.me  users, we will implement an option to allow users to “pay later” via wire transfer for their SimplyMeet.me subscription.

On selecting this option, they will be given access to our bank details – SimplyMeet.me, not our personal accounts.

Once the transfer is complete and registered in our accounts, we will approve the payment on the system.

News in the Admin Interface

Want to make sure you stay up to date with news and releases, business tips and advice? Well, soon, you will be able to see all of our new blog posts and news updates as a notification on your admin interface. You won’t have to wait until the end of the month to find out that the update or new feature you were waiting on went live three weeks ago.

Reports in the Admin Interface

Many of you want to be able to report on your meetings, export data, and view team member meetings and schedules.

We will be implementing a new reporting function for the admin interface with that in mind. From here, you will have a convenient meeting overview with filters and an export option and functionality to see other organisation members’ meetings.

OKTA SSO Integration

In larger organisations with centralised account creation for multiple software systems, it is much easier to use a Single Sign-On (SSO) system than separate different accounts.

This month, we will have finished integrating the option to use single-sign-on for user accounts via the OKTA interface. You will find this option on the Integrations page.

Round-Robin Meeting Improvements

We discovered that the options available for round-robin meetings were somewhat limited. However, in April, we should complete development for us to add Google Meet and other meeting options to the round-robin feature and the ability to choose a location.

In case you missed it…

If you’ve ever wondered how to lead a virtual team meeting effectively, you should read the article on how to keep people engaged in remote sessions. Meetings are far more effective if they’re actually necessary, and everyone stays engaged and focused.

Did you see the furore on Twitter about the big deal Sam Lessin made of people who share meeting links? It produced a flood of support for meeting links and calendar sharing. However, it also identified people who find receiving meeting links impersonal and rude. Since no one wants to be rude to their clients, there has been development in sharing meeting links – politely.

That’s all for this month, folks. Stay in touch, and soon you’ll be able to access these updates directly from your admin interface. 

See you soon!

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